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VHHP Education & Outreach Program

At the Annual Meeting in June the VHHP Board of Directors voted to make a significant change to the Constitution and By-Laws. The Directors voted first to expand the territory covered by VHHP and then to support any licensed and certified hospice provider operating within the boundaries of this expanded territory. The expanded territory is defined as central Saint Louis County extending from Cotton in the south to Crane Lake in the north and from Hibbing in the west to Hoyt Lakes in the east. There are currently two providers offering hospice services in this territory. VHHP will continue its highly successful partnership with Saint Mary's Hospice and Palliative Care - East Range Team based in Virginia, and it will begin to develop a relationship with Fairview North Star Hospice based in Hibbing.
For many years VHHP has discussed the need for hospice education not only in the local community but also throughout the entire area where Saint Mary's Hospice provides hospice care. Following the decision to expand the scope of VHHP operations, the Program Director at 218-780-8907, volunteered to create an Education and Outreach program to increase hospice awareness and VHHP membership throughout central Saint Louis County. Increasing hospice awareness will increase the number of hospice referrals and ensure the financial viability of local hospice providers. Increasing VHHP membership will establish a firm foundation of dedicated donors who will underwrite VHHP's continued efforts to support hospice services.
To request a presentation for your group, contact the Program Director at 218-780-8907.

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